BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Long ago and far away ...

So ...

This post being triggered at 4am by a mix of things ... one being OCD and a small unfinished project that lured me back to the keyboard ... one being some other stuff that I was working on ... and one being an old-time LJ'r who posted for the first time in ages (to whom I couldn't reply as they'd set their thing for comments only by friends, and I guess I'd been purged at some point).

As those paying attention will recall, I have been putting out collections of my book reviews over the past year. I started these with those posted in 2015 and have worked my way back in time, year by year, and am just now finishing up those that went up way back in 2004-2006 ('04 and '05 had just a few reviews, and nearly all of them short; so, while there are 105 reviews in the new collection, the book's about the same length as, say, 2012's). The world was a very different place in 2004.

One of the things that I found incessantly irritating was that possibly the majority of the "subject" lines for these were "another book ...", which is hardly informative on the contents of the post. However, back then, LiveJournal was pretty much my "social media world", having long since drifted away from AOL chat rooms, IRC, and the various BBS systems of the late 80's and beyond ... so these pages were getting my full attention, and flagging the reviews seemed to make sense back then to have them stand out from the numerous other posts. Oddly, I just now unearthed a strange little factoid - I posted my first "book review" piece here the very same day that Zuckerberg launched Facebook (February 4, 2004) ... a platform that wouldn't deign to let me in for nearly another four years.

Anyway, I found the on-going string of "another book ..." titled posts sufficiently painful to look back on, that I ended up addressing that in the preface to the 2004-6 collection. And, since I was up, and reminiscing due to the pop-up of one of the "old guard" on my Friends feed, I figured I'd make a post. Lucky you.

I had hoped to have had some new material review-wise tonight, but I was out at Starbucks, all set up and ready to write, when some "traumatic life stuff" floated into my consciousness and had me too distracted/depressed to manage anything creative (so I retreated back here and worked on some repetitive stuff needed to get the new book out). Oh, well. I hope that happens before the end of the year.

I have been ordering copies of the book review books as they've come out, and they're beginning to look like quite an impressive stack (this new one will make it 10 books), I should maybe finally order copies of the poetry books as well, just to have those have some "physical existence" (the somewhat zen status of a print-on-demand book for which there is no demand) beyond the one volume I ordered early on ... those would indeed make quite a stack (one of the reasons I've not ordered any - not having a good place to put them!).

It is interesting how many people (yes, myself included) have ended up over on Facebook, but hate it, and are yearning for "the way things used to be" back in the LiveJournal glory years. I keep encouraging folks to come back, but there's something just less immediate in the LJ interface. I know I've made attempts to do more posting here, but it's just simpler to hit "share" over there (and, aren't you glad you weren't getting that data stream over the past few months?), perhaps with a sentence or so of commentary, than to sit down and write something here (and, yes, I do realize that one can, and most used to, write a one word, one sentence, one paragraph posting here, but it's mentally - in my head, at least - gotten to be for "long form" stuff ... like these 750 words ... which feels too wordy for FB).

La-di-dah ... still need to get to that unfinished bit of coding that got me to the keyboard ...

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