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Another one bites the dust ...


While things Really Suck in my life, and my lack of income is inexorably pushing us ever closer to the edge of financial armageddon, I have certainly not been slothful with my time. I have just completed a second project related to my past 13 years of book reviews (the first being completing the index that I'd mentioned a couple of weeks back) ... this being getting out the 10th and final "annual" book (albeit this being three years worth - 2004-6), which just went live yesterday.

That graphic over there ===> (which is clickable) is how the page on the Eschaton site looks now.

Obviously, the 2016 book isn't available yet (I still have some more books to get reviews done on!), but all the rest of them exist (if in that sort of hazy existence that print-on-demand books inhabit). Those, plus the re-issues of some of my old poetry chapbooks earlier in the year, mean that I managed to get out FIFTEEN books in 2016. That's a lot of work.

Just wish I was getting paid for it (and in case you're wondering, I have yet to have ANY of these be ordered by anybody on-line, which is depressing - even after having bought some targeted FB ads).

Frankly, between the two projects getting done, I've found myself in a "what to do now?" place that I'm not used to. I have a few partial projects (the poetry books, for instance - the 12 volumes I got out of the yearly collections are only part of the whole, with earlier and later poems existing in less-accessible formats that will involve either digital or "apartment" archaeology - the latter involving finding hard copies of the original books) that I could get into, and some other Big Scary Projects (like scanning all the negatives from my photo binders) that are lurking out there.

Before you say it ... yes, I still am cranking out resumes ... but one can only apply to so many jobs a day (and some of these dang job boards just keep sending me the same ones over and over and over again). Needless to say, I'd be happy to drop all these "projects" for a paying gig.

I also have re-designed the upper levels of the Eschaton Books site. I have been thanking myself for how I did the directory structure on that, as I was afraid that I was going to be having to insert a whole new layer (thereby needing a lot of "tidying up" of internal links) to get this to where I want it to be ... but I found that I'd initially structured that layer in, but just hadn't done a "top page" for it ... meaning that doing that update will take a lot less time (and be a much smaller hassle) than it might have been otherwise.

Oh, while we on coding issues ... I also just updated my main BTRIPP site. I was getting cranky every time I looked at it because the one entry that had been in the "work projects" section was the worm biz, and all of MY work (the various web pages and related materials) got wiped out when I was "kicked to the curb", with them pointing all the URLs (the ones they deigned to keep - several awesome names just got ignored and expired) ended up pointing to this one pointless Shopify sales page put up by the COO ... meaning that, minus a photo or two, there wasn't anything of it up there anymore. So, I got rid of that link, and dug up logos of nearly everything (there are a few that aren't up there - still trying to remember some projects) that I'd worked on since the end of Eschaton, and loaded that section up like a NASCAR ride.

The one part of that which made me feel a bit "accomplished" was that I was able to get around using the very large background graphic that I'd been featuring there. With adding to the height of the page, I was having to take a very large image and make it even larger, with the "old system" way involving a 4.12mb 2592x5000px image ... which, while nice and sharp and all, was far beyond what any site should be using. With enough poking around, I was able to replace that with a reasonably tiny 96k 512x512px image, using some CSS and the "cover" option (fortunately, the background image was a photo texture, which really didn't need to be particularly sharp, so I could go with a pic that was just 2% of the old version's px² size). MUCH faster load, MUCH less bandwidth! Win.

Anyway, as desperate as we need income (this is a very, very lean Xmas), it's certainly nice to be able to cross stuff off that "waiting to be done forever" list.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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