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So, my daughters are now 21 and 16. I guess I've managed to "raise" them, as they're more or less ready to go out into the world on their own.

One of the saddest things about this holiday season (aside from my not being able to get a job for 7.5 years at this point, and having no money, and facing our "financial apocalypse" that's going to cause us to lose our home, and my having to part with most of my {cherished} belongings) was that there was no "toy" shopping involved. When The Girls were little, it was fun to go find things that would please and delight them. Now, not so much.

The elder one (the engineer/geek) did let me know, however, that she would be quite amenable to getting the "Eye of Agamotto" necklace that I'd considered getting for her for her birthday earlier this month. She didn't want it then, as she'd not seen the Doctor Strange movie yet, so didn't have much context for it, but since seeing the movie, was quite enthused with the concept. I think she's worn it constantly since opening the package!

As she's about as classic a geek as you can get (she's one of the "den mothers" for the gaming club down at UofI), she also wanted some specific board games (that The Wife ordered for her), so I guess there was some toy/game action on her side of things (and some of her local gaming people are coming over in the next few days, to turn our living room into a version of the comic store from Big Bang Theory - seriously, these guys are walking clichés of that particular style of nerd). Daughter #2, however, "wants to be a movie star" (oy!), and she's become pretty easy to buy for - very thrilled with new "stompy boots" and gift cards to Lush.

However, this leave me with little chance to go find some charming, sweet, fun things to give them. I used to love the process of trying to dig up things (that I could afford) which would bring smiles to their faces. In recent years, however, when I've tried injecting games/toys, the level of interest was quite evidently low, and even things like "marquee light" wall pieces were ignored and never even plugged in ... so this year, I didn't even try - just going for the stuff I knew they'd want.

Yeah, it's not like I need other stuff in my life to get sad about.

I just hope I'm fondly remembered by them.

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