BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Long time, no post ...

Yeah, I am painfully aware that not too long ago (OK, so maybe it was last year) I was trying to make some cogent, entertaining post in here on a daily basis ... and recently all you see from me is the book reviews (making my review blog sort of redundant).

Frankly, I've not even been able to get out to write those in most of the past month ... which is not only irritating to me, but leaving me with one of those "OMG!" stacks of books waiting my being able to triage the time to get out and crank out reviews (the stack currently is at 8 books, which, with my averaging 2 per 7-hour binge at Starbucks, means freeing up four nights to write).

However, I'm in here today simply sharing a link (yeah, I know, the above is a lot of verbiage just to share a link), an article by the Chicago Tribune's John Kass on free speech ... it's real solid and an "everybody should read this" item:

The lies we were told about who would silence free speech

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