BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that was unexpected ...

This past Sunday was my 33rd anniversary of not drinking ... and I had planned on picking up my AA coin last Friday evening. Unfortunately, the bus schedule and my schedule seemed to be at counter purposes, and I wasn't able to get back downtown in time. I figured I'd just get it this week, and was intending on doing so tomorrow.

However, a buddy of mine had mentioned that he was "taking on a commitment" at a Thursday night meeting and I figured I'd drop in. It turns out that it's a very big (and raucous) meeting that does a lot of "ritual" for anniversaries, so I got called up (with another person) to have "Happy Birthday" sung, and was handed a doughnut with a lit candle in it, and later called up to get a coin. I was surprised that they had a 33-year coin (XXXIII), as those don't get handed out too often - I'd checked with the guy who does the coins for the Friday meeting to make sure they'd have one.

Oh, well ... nice to have the coin despite the whole scheduling thing going haywire!

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