BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Mixed messages?

Two pics from the CTA ... one from earlier this year, with the "please don't kill yourself where we'd have to clean it up!" themed signs, and one (well, an ad - and, OK, cropped for effect) seen tonight on my way home from a meeting.

I wonder how many depressed commuters saw the latter (and, yeah, it is just one of a dozen messages from AMEX appearing now in at least the Belmont station), and thought "gee, you know, they're right, I'm just going to hop right in front of that train as it's approaching the platform!" ... needless to say, it caught my eye in that context (and, hey, if I did jump in front of a train, it might give some other commuter the chance to catch one of mine too! - waka waka).


I really don't know how other people go through existing in this world. I have almost literally had "suicidal ideations" on a daily basis since I was 12 or 13. There have been variations in the depth and intensity of the funk, but it's always been there (except when I was drinking heavily, the goal of which was to get me to not feel much of anything).

As I've noted, things have been bad ... badder than they've ever been ... over the past few months. I've got a few doozies of posts to make about the details, but I'm still "not able to go there" to get the words put together. Let's just say that my direst of dire fears about the move did not even come close to how hideous it was.

Anyway, I was amused about how my brain went straight to offing myself when I saw that ad ... figured I'd share (I know, real big of me, eh? Aintcha glad I'm back to posting in here with regularity?).

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