BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Well, tomorrow I'm going in for what will hopefully be the last of the Kidney adventures. I've had a "stent" (see pic - click for bigger) linking my right kidney and my bladder for the past six weeks, and will be happy to have it out of me.

That sucker is about a foot long, and has been running from my right kidney down to my bladder for the past four weeks or so since the second of the kidney stone procedures. I'm really nervous about them taking it out, as it's going to be just under topical anesthesia in the urologist's office, and will involve them inserting assorted devices up an access point not designed for this sort of stuff. I've watched various videos of the operation, and it involves a camera and a grabber simultaneously up there, getting hold of the lower loop of that wire, and pulling the whole thing out (shudder).

There's a reason that my favorite parts of June were the two afternoons I was under general anesthesia ... I sure appreciated "not being around" for when these things (and for a couple of weeks there were stents in on both sides) got inserted (let alone the laser blasting of the stones - which on the right side took many hours).

From what I've read, this should be over in just moments, but I've have been quite "uncomfortable" every time they've just stuck the camera up there to take a look, and am not looking forward to the experience of this thing getting dragged out of my nether regions!

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