BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Guess I was wrong on one point ...

So ...

The stent removal procedure was as uneventful (albeit deeply uncomfortable) and I was in and out of the office in a remarkable 15 minutes or so. However, I thought this was going to be it for the not-so-fun Kidney games that have been my main summer activity. While I am no longer "peeing zinfandel" (the blood-in-the-urine thing cleared up within a couple of leaks of that wire coming out), I'm now having to pee through a filter to catch the bits and pieces of the (evidently very large) kidney stone that were left behind. I'd assumed that those might have been working their way out over the past couple of weeks, but no.

The urologist wants me to collect what comes out (oh, fun) and bring it in for analysis (along with the big chunks they have from when zapping things), so that we can put together an on-going approach to my not making more stones. Just what I need, more pills and/or more diet meddling.

It is very nice to be without the hardware inside me ... I could feel it, and it messed with the whole plumbing process. Again, I'm happy to find that things are (minus the peeing-in-a-filter aspects) back to normal quickly.

Aren't you happy to be reading all this?

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