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OK, so nobody else is likely to be giving a rat's ass about it, but this is my 5,000th post on Live Journal, going back to 5/5/2000!

That's over 18 years of postings ... back in the day LiveJournal "was the shit", sort of being Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr all rolled up into one, and there were on-going discussions on a zillion topics playing out in the comments to posts around these parts. I was the 2,663rd LJ account back in the early days, following Ana Voog over from the assorted IRC chat rooms that had been her initial haunt.

Of course, in recent years, I've been sort of absent ... originating my book reviews here before reposting on the review site (and there's only been one of those this year ... partially due to the chaos that I've not been able to write about yet), but not a whole lot else. Pretty much I'd been using LJ as a place to go long-form when something seemed to be too wordy for FB. As long-time readers may recall, I've attempted to start up regular blogging here again on a number of occasions, but this is the first attempt that looks like it might "take". My therapist has suggested that I try to get back into writing poetry (something that used to be a regular feature), and I'm gearing up to get back into the book reviews as well, so there's likely to be some reasonably steady flow of content.

Anyway, 5,000 posts sure seemed like a milestone to be noted ...

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