BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I guess it's better than the alternatives ...

Was back down at the hospital today (it's great that I can get there in 20 minutes or so on the 147 bus), no biggie, just a shot in the butt ("all in all it's just another shot in the butt" or something like that).

As many medical challenges as I've had over the years, I'm pretty much amazed at how I've missed the worst of it. A prime example of this was the recent kidney stone issue ... for something that rather typically involves agonizing pain (I know from one I passed about 30 years ago how bad that can be!), I sailed through with no pain from the stones themselves, and only the residual pain of having assorted medical equipment shoved up my plumbing (and associated surgical indignities). Similarly, the past few years of dealing with this cancer have been pretty light duty ... initially just getting zapped by radiation, and in the past year or so getting a shot every few months. This may change to something more invasive in the future (possibly soon), but so far it's been a matter of just occasionally feeling "unwell".

Maybe I filled up my "pain card" back after the car crash in '93, where I ended up breaking about all one could break and still stay alive (with damage to internal organs, etc.), wasn't expected to be able to walk, and yet I've been making do with a less elegant gait than I used to have for the past quarter century. I had my therapist suggest "good genes" as a root for my having been able to come through all the stuff over the years that should have killed me ... to which I countered that it was probably the universe, like some big sadistic cat, hadn't quite got done with batting around this half-dead mouse.

Ah, always a ray of sunshine, ain't I?

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