BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Tech interfacing ...

Today featured a run down to Northwestern Hospital to take a ride in this fun device ===>

As I was telling the nurse getting me set up in it, I've probably been put through every high-tech tube they have down there at one point or another. From the pulmonary embolisms in '08 (let alone the weeks following the '93 car crash), through the current kidney adventures, they've been wanting to check out my insides for everything from prostate tumors to full-body bone scans. It was hard to get the orderlies off of their scripts as well, as at this point I know how the locks on the lockers work, I know where the dressing rooms and washrooms are, and don't need to have much hand-holding to get me into my toga those "gowns" (I always feel like I'm off to address the Roman Senate when in that front-and-back drapery).

This seems to be a new addition in the form of a fancy-schmancy CAT scan machine ... what I saw online when looking for a pic (I, obviously, wasn't able to bring my phone in with me to take one for myself) included lots of brightly colored 3D images, which I'm guessing is what my urologist wants to make sure they didn't miss anything while zapping the stones.

To treat myself after this, I took the #147 bus up to Thorndale and headed over to China Palace for lunch ... I was there at 12:30, which is quite early for me (I typically scoot in right before the lunch deal goes off at 3pm), but had lunch and went off to run other errands before busing back downtown for the Friday night meeting at St. James. I knew this week had been a bit of a clusterfuck in terms of my regular schedule, but I was very surprised to find that I'd not been up to C.P. all week (checking in to Swarm is handy for keeping track of that!), as I typically get there for lunch 2-3 times a week.

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