BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that sucks ...

Was at the library, working on an online class, when my cell phone began ringing. It was some guy from the hospital who was going over my scans from the other day. It turns out that they only got about half of the big honking stone that was in my right kidney, so I'm going to have to have yet another procedure to get rid of what's still in there. Not fun.

One interesting thing were the notes on the rest of the scan, including stuff about healed fractures in various pelvic bones. Back in '93 when I was in that car crash, I was banged up within an inch of my life, and had multiple surgeries for the numerous broken bits in the arms and legs. I knew I had some fractures in assorted places, but this was the first I'd heard specifically about in the pelvis. They also noted some "degenerative changes" in parts there, which could be the reason my lower back hurts so much when I'm walking or standing.

Unfortunately, I have doubts about what can really be done down there ... it's not like a long bone break that can be structurally worked on, and I have no idea what might work to improve stuff. I've shot a .pdf of the report and will be sending it over to my internist to see what he might have to suggest.

Needless to say, having more tech shoved up my nether regions again was not high on my list of things to do ...

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