BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, that's a solid month ...

It's been a LONG time since I posted on a daily basis in here ... I'd previously made a few faltering attempts (in recent years, that is, I pretty much "lived here" back in the day) at this, but they kind of fell by the wayside. I think the difference has been that I've been allowing myself some slack this time ... not forcing myself to be particularly interesting (oh, you noticed), nor insisting that I post "live" - which goes to explain why most of these are timestamped 11-something PM, as while the ideas for the posts are percolating in my head on an on-going basis, they typically get written the day after (or later) and get slotted in for the appropriate day. I know, "that's cheating!", and would have been something that would have horrified me in past years.

Obviously, there are things that are "missing" here ... I've not been able to get back into writing my book reviews, I've not ventured into my shrink-recommended renewal of poetry composition, and (aside from AA meetings) I've not been doing much of any networking events ... all of which have provided content in this space in the past. Although the reader's perspective may well be different from my own, I also feel that I've avoided the sort of ultra-personal rants and/or emotional venting that would make this space of no interest to anyone.

I am hoping that I could keep daily postings up. The way I've been managing this so far has, I believe, been sustainable in the generation and delivery of material. I have, however, been fighting against the "oh, why bother, nobody reads this" voice in my head which holds firmly to the proposition that "nobody cares" ... a reality that my better parts don't necessarily have much of an argument against. There was a time when I may have felt that the sheer presence of a blog would have "historical" value, but with the incredible volume of what's out there, the odds of having any notice (unless I somehow managed to become "a name" - which at this point has more chance of being as a Kaczynski than a Diamandis) paid to what I've written seems more and more like it's "slim to none" (a perception fortified by the attention absent from my dozens of recent books).

Anyway, there (well, here) it is, a full month of posting. Whoop! Toss the confetti.

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