BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hoo-boy ...

Today was a bit of a clusterf*** ... I didn't make it out to work on the course stuff at the library (in my defense, they don't open until noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by the time noon's rolling around, I've gotten into other stuff), making me beat myself up for slothfulness again, while still not knocking down any of the several "hanging over my head" projects I have queued up. I was, however, available to take a call from the urologist's office responding to my several calls about getting this additional procedure on the calendar. I guess things hadn't lined up with them yet, so my hopes of going in for it tomorrow were summarily dashed. They did note, however, that they wanted to get a urine sample and so I hopped the 147 bus down to the hospital for that.

Now, summers in Chicago are crammed full of activities (most of which have nothing to do with me), and I'd forgotten that one of those today was a protest march against gun violence. The organizers of this (and preceding) march have decided that "closing down" major highways in the city is a good way to get attention (assholes!) and they felt that the north side (notably thin on gun violence) wasn't feeling enough pain, so they were going to shut down Lake Shore Drive and then march on Wrigley Field (where no doubt all them pistol-packing yuppies and tourists hang out).

Personally, I subscribe to the "contagion vector" theory of gun violence, in that the problem isn't with the guns but with the shooters, and marches like these are focused purely on furthering leftist gun grabs, while totally ignoring the true causes of the problem. Needless to say, pushing the disruption into areas where the problem is hardly a problem at all ... with the intent of "punishing" those areas for not having their "fair share" of the pain ... does nothing to help.

Anyway ... so, I went down to Northwestern to pee in a cup, stayed for a bit to grab some fries at GRK Greek Kitchen (the best deal on that food court), and went over to get the bus to head back north. I guess if I hadn't grabbed a bite, it would have been a moot point, but the bus I got ended up being the first on on the 151 route to get re-routed to avoid the march. We got turned onto Fullerton, Lincoln, Racine, Clark, Irving Park, and then back to its usual route on Sheridan. I got off on Sunnyside to pick up a couple of things at Target and Dollar Tree, and then had a very long wait for the next 151, which was no doubt not only being re-routed, but catching the first drag of the Cubs traffic ... the entire venture taking about 2 hours more than I had anticipated.

But that wasn't all, I just got back from a 10pm meeting at NTAC, and the El was packed with the Lollapalooza kids (after being slammed in the other direction earlier by the Cubs crowd). Not the most amusing day I've had :-( ...

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