BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not such a notable day ...

Some days it's just keeping in one's lane ...

Got up later than I'd planned (I'd hoped to have made it to the library to work on the course stuff when they opened at 9am, but didn't get out of the house until well after noon), which screwed things up a bit. Ended up going to China Palace for lunch before hitting the library (they're about a block and a half apart), which put my start time there six hours later than I'd intended. Got two hours in (about what I've been averaging on a study session) before they closed at 5 ... headed home with just enough time to change shoulder bags (from the one with the netbook in it to the one I generally schlepp around with) and head out to my usual Friday meeting.

I had one brain fart in this process, however, I pulled up a tab in the browser in my Fire tablet which has departure times for the southbound stop across the street, but neglected to refresh it - so I was looking at times from some completely different temporal context. I discovered this when I got there. The stop has a display unit for upcoming buses, and the next 147 was due in about 25 minutes, rather than the 3-4 minutes that I was expecting. OOPS! Fortunately, I'd left a bit earlier than I needed to, so I still had time to walk over to the Bryn Mawr El stop and get downtown via that. I was a couple of minutes late for the meeting, but these things start with five minutes or so of readings, so I wasn't "missing" anything.

After the meeting I was hanging out and ran into a guy that I knew from my original 7:30am meetings in the old neighborhood, and he was up for going out to chat (offering to pick up the tab - yay!), and so we went around the corner to a place that a lot of folks go to from the meeting. We could have settled in with any number of tables, but he wanted to talk "books" ... which we did for quite a while (he may have some projects for me to work on). He's a black guy, a bit older than me, who'd been active in politics and black cultural stuff over the years, and was very enthusiastic about all things Wakanda ... I asked if he was going to be going to WakandaCon, and he did a "what's that?". I looked it up on the phone, and it turns out that the 3-day con had just started today down at the big Hilton on Michigan Ave. He noted how ironic that some "white boy" was the first person to bring this to his attention. Don't know if he was going to be going to it, but it couldn't be any more convenient!

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