BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that didn't take long ...

I have all sorts of OCD-type habits, and one of which used to be writing down my daily LJ rating number (ego, ego, ego). Now, there are a lot more active accounts here than mine has been in recent years, and there certainly are a lot which have more readers and comments (both of which seem to matter in the count) than I ever get, but I've been pleased to have a fairly low number (against the millions of LJ accounts), and somehow, although it certainly is "comparing apples to oranges", I'd come to settle on a "satisfactory low" (i.e. high ranking) level being my rating number lower than my account number.

And there it was today, with the former slipping down below the latter, 2644 vs. 2663. If I recall correctly (all the stuff like that got lost in the move), I did at one point drop down below 2k on a regular basis ... but I realize that I'm going up against blogs that get read by more than an handful of people, so I convinced myself that my aspirations should be tempered, with having it be lower than 2663 (I was the two thousand six hundred and sixty third LJ account way back in Y2K) be "glory" enough.

Woot. Nice to be able to enjoy small victories. It only took 34 days of daily postings - which surprises me. Oh, and if you click on the image above, you'll get it full size.

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