BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that was disturbing ...

I never knew how badly diabetes could mess with one's eyes before. However, while in the waiting area that I was deposited while my pupils did the dilating thing, I was reading a pamphlet about it, and it's scary - especially since it seems like there isn't any thing to do about it once the damage hits. Yikes.

The good news was that the eye doctor, who spent quite a while with a bright light and a mirror thing looking all around inside my eyes, said that I had NO signs of any diabetic damage. Hopefully with the improvements I've been having with the Victoza, I'll be able to avoid that altogether (with the weight loss side effect of the Victoza, there's a chance that I might get to the point - in another 60 lbs or so - where the diabetes might go away on it own).

The bad news is that she said I had the beginnings of a cataract in one lens. Fortunately (in terms of "if you're gonna get something"), this is such a common condition (about half of all people who make it to 80 have them), that the corrective surgery (replacing the natural lens with a plastic one) is nearly the most frequently done procedure out there. Not that I'm looking forward to getting to the point of needing that ... as I'm a total baby when it comes to my eyes ... I hate that pressure check thing in the exam, I couldn't tolerate contact lenses, and I'm sure not going to be happy with somebody messing around with a knife in there!

Anyway, another thing to add to the "getting old ain't for sissies" file ... all in all, not having any diabetic issues in there was a big plus up against the minus of the start of cataracts.

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