BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A very strange day ...

So, since I had medical stuff on the calendar for Monday and Friday this week, I had decided to go up to the Library to work on the Technical Writing course on Tuesday and Thursday, even though the schedule works better the other way around (when I can get in three hours or so of work and then go grab lunch), as TU/TH they don't open until noon. I was running late on top of this, and was on my way up to grab lunch before hitting the library (and then leave from there to get to a meeting), when I got a call from my Evanston client.

She was needing me to accompany her on an errand down to Northwestern Hospital (like I'm not seeing enough of that place this week), and then to a couple of other stops, and ending up over in Greek Town. She initially said she was bringing the same friend from the lobster dinner thing a while back, but then said she couldn't make it, but then said she was going to be there. "In all the confusion" the time they swung by to pick me up (China Palace was right on the way), had slipped much further into the afternoon than was the plan. So, while we were able to take care of the stuff down at the hospital, the part of the plan that was including swinging back up north to Skokie by 6pm sort of fell by the wayside, and we headed over to Greek Islands.

Needless to say, MY plan of "grab lunch, work 3-4 hours at library, hop El to meeting, go home" was totally shot.

Oh, and because I was running late up front on this, I had called in my lunch order to make sure it made it in before 3pm to qualify for the lunch deal, so I wasn't able to just blow off that. As it was, I ended up hanging out up at the restaurant for over an hour before they showed up, and we just made it in time for what she needed to deal with at the hospital.

Now, it's been a long time since I had dinner down in Greek Town, and was happy for the opportunity (on the clock), but less enthused than I would have been had I not had Chinese food (well, about half of my usual) a couple of hours before. One thing that my client ordered for the table were these lamb riblets that were amazing (sorry, no pic), but I was only able to make a gesture at consuming them - I need to keep that in mind for some later date where I'm looking for something caveman-ish.

And, if putting my schedule in a blender and hacking it to shreds wasn't enough, her friend was having "feeling poorly" issues and we almost had to get her a Uber or something to leave mid-meal (at least this time it didn't involve an ambulance). All of this took time and effort and psychic strain, and I decided to sit down and write instead of turning right around and trying to get to a meeting tonight - meaning that I have another "missed meeting" day to make up for.

Oh well, rung up some additional paid hours, got some Greek food in my face, and tomorrow's another day.

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