BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that sucks ...

You've heard me grumble about my cell phone. It's an iPhone 4s, so is fairly ancient in terms of iPhone versions, if only being six years old or so chronologically. It just died. I suspect the rain, but I'm not sure ... it's currently nestled into a baggie full of rice, hoping that some desiccation might revive it.

It was working just a few hours ago ... I went to an evening meeting close to the Jewel and Dollar Tree over on Broadway, and shopped at these two afterwards. It had started raining when I was in the meeting (despite my checking and it not being "due" for several hours), and was going between drizzle and rain while I was out. I had been in both stores and just missed the bus that would have taken me to Sheridan, and thence home, and checked my phone for when the #36 bus was arriving, so I know it was working then. But by the time I'd walked to the #36, took it up to Bryn Mawr, walked the 3-4 blocks home (carrying multiple 2 litre bottles of soda - ugh), and went to plug it in at my computer, there was no response.

No response to being plugged in, no response to the power button, no response to 'nuthin. Dead. Pining for the freak'n fjords. Grrrrr!

Of course, I have been drifting towards changing my phone. Hell, I bought a new phone a year and half ago, getting matching units for me and The Wife (for Xmas) so that I could trouble-shoot hers. However, she decided she was scared to shift from the iPhone to an Android unit, and ended up getting a new iPhone (which is costing us a chunk of money monthly), so I never had the impetus from that end to make the switch. And, as regular readers of this space no doubt recall, in the dictionary, next to "averse to change" there's my pic ... so I wasn't in a big hurry to replace something that was "working just fine" with something that I'd have to climb a learning curve for.

(Heavy Sigh) I guess I'll run down to the AT&T store on Michigan Ave. tomorrow to have them swap the SIM card to the new phone (I don't have the itsy-tiny star-shaped screwdriver thing that you need to get into the guts of the iPhone), and start to figure out how different it's going to be using Android. As usual ... sucks to be me.

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