BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Cruel, but the usual ...

While it's not my least favorite part of this fun kidney-stone-removal game, it is one that I find quite irritating. That is, the dictate that one is not allowed to eat anything after midnight on the day of one's procedure ... and nothing but clear liquids (yes, in the old days I would have asked if that included Gin - waka waka) from midnight until two hours before one arrives at the hospital.

As anyone who knows me from "meatspace" for at least the past few years will attest, I almost always come with beverage, usually via a thermos clipped onto my shoulder bag. So the "no liquids" part will be a shock to my system.

Pictured here, however, is my very late dinner, obtained at the Subway up on Belmont after a late-night meeting at NTAC. The Subway up there stays open until 4am, so it's always a back-of-mind option for food in the "wee small hours". I just hope I'll be still full in the morning, so I'm not crawling the walls wanting breakfast (or, considering they want me in there at 11:30, lunch).

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