BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Gee ... isn't THIS familiar?

Oh, gee ... a fresh new year, and what do we have? Yep, the same nasty inner world oozing out onto the screen! Life sucks, what can I say? When you're damned, you're damned ... and this particular Hell does not seem to be going into a "wakey-wakey ... awww, did wittle Bwendan have a nasty 45-year nightmare? ... awww ... its alwite now!" mode any time soon (however, I do keep buying lottery tickets ... wanting to meet any benevolent deities which just might be paying attention half-way on that deal!). So, here we go, another year ...

                    FOSSILIZED, TRAPPED WITHIN

                    all the signposts
                    point downward
                    indicating the abyss
                    all tides drag under
                    swallowing, smothering
                    enfolding into pressure, dark,
                    the unplumbed depths awaiting
                    our decline and demise

                    broken, fractured, shattered,
                    there is nothing whole within
                    we are damaged beyond fixing
                    made too incomplete
                    by all these blades and cudgels,
                    the incessant battle
                    with a killing mundane world
                    which has no use for me

                    no vistas encode hope
                    no secret place harbors dreams
                    all is destruction
                    all is debasing
                    a hurtled spiral
                    into direr states
                    a tumultuous descent
                    into agony and pain

                    we are lost within this
                    frozen into modes
                    where there is neither
                    movement nor growth
                    achievement nor acts
                    being nor belief
                    we are the embedded
                    in strata far too deep

                    somewhere beyond
                    are the planes of our existence,
                    somehow outside what is outside
                    is the side which is our side
                    and not this inner place
                    which once provided sanctuary
                    yet now is but a tomb
                    with that nightmare for a view

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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