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Since it was becoming obvious that doing "mobility-based" activities today was unlikely to happen, I opted to do a deep dive into my new cell phone, trying to get it loaded up with stuff that I was in the habit of using on my old iPhone4S, which up and died last week. Now, I think I've mentioned here that I have a lot of difficulty with processing audio information (making podcasts useless for me), and one of the things I find extremely frustrating is voice mail, as I will typically have play a message over and over just to get the basics. What the old phone had, that I really wanted for the new phone, was a screen that showed you the number, when the call was, how long it was, and then gave you options for playback. Simple, right? Common, right? I guess not.

I first went to the AT&T web site and dug around in there for quite a while trying to find anything about this sort of option. Nada. Then I clicked on the help chat button, only to discover that the first level of this is a chatbot that really doesn't know more about anything than what is on the web site, and kept sending me links to pages with little to nothing to do with my problem. To its credit, it eventually kicked me up to a "live body" help chat person ... although said person had no better grasp on what I was looking for than the chatbot had. Again, to their credit, they kicked me up to "expert" help before I had a chance to type in "can I speak with a supervisor?". Unfortunately (and you saw this coming), the new person on the other end of the chat had no more clue of what I was trying to get than their predecessors had, eventually telling me that there wasn't anything like that available.

So, after about 2 hours of mounting frustration, I gave up on AT&T and went to the Google app store, sort of expecting more frustration. However, there were several possibilities there that fit exactly what I'd been talking about, including one BY FREAK'N AT&T!!! Do you think there might have been SOME awareness of the existence of AT&T Visual Voicemail on some level of the "help" I was dealing with? A mention on the web site? A page provided the chatbot? Resources provided the live body help drones? No search terms got me anywhere near it on the site, and long chat sessions doing my best to describe what I was looking for (obviously, I never used the right key words, or something) just got me having a discussion of how I'd code it if I had to after being told there wasn't anything available. Sheesh! That's almost like contacting Coca-Cola and wanting to find info on how they source cola nuts, and being told that they're a beverage company and don't sell nuts. How do companies like this survive?

Needless to say, I'd recommend they hire some experienced thinkers ... but who the hell wants those on staff. :-(

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