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yeah, yeah, yeah ...

I am insane. There is no other reasonable explanation for why things are so fucked up. I am insane and have been "faking it" just well enough that nobody has thrown a net over me yet. This is the only hypothesis that fits the data. Too bad these are not the days when I could "go away for a while" to some nice hospital with a pretty view ... too damn bad. The poetry is the ONLY thing which is not 100% fucked at this point ... and even it has insidious veins of discontent and dread (I mean, aside from the obvious ones) which are ever so subtly eating away at me. Here's a new one, the rest of it is over at ... but you knew that.

                    WHEN NO OPTIONS ARE

                    too many filters
                    imposing here
                    we stare abrupt
                    at what is already wrong;
                    in so few days
                    intents have shattered
                    and the shadow of failure
                    already dims the land

                    no options are
                    presenting here,
                    every effort falters
                    as realities shift
                    making what was possible
                    only yesterday
                    pitiful today
                    and absurd tomorrow

                    how to craft a way
                    through this madness?
                    we must find a path
                    in a world which rejects us
                    where every step
                    on every road
                    dissolves as mirage
                    with floating mocking laughs

                    the only dreams that bide
                    are the wildest ones
                    in the furthest orbits
                    from the killing real,
                    the hopes that are not crushed
                    are the ones which harbor
                    such violence to the norm
                    to be capitally seditious

                    I am left, then,
                    with only insanity and rage;
                    I am stranded with no recourse
                    but to slip to darkness
                    or light the skies with fire,
                    I have no resources left
                    to meet this world upon its terms
                    nor desire to cede the play

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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