BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And then THIS happened ...

Oddly, nobody mentioned "chemotherapy" until one bottle of pills showed up in this ...

I'm on my first day taking the should-not-be-handled-by pills and the steroid that goes with them. I'm not feeling horrible (yet), but both the meds have long lists of side effects, none of which are particularly happy things (and both of them jack up blood sugar levels, so I'm sort of gearing up for some real bad mornings when my sugar counts are 300+).

After the second round (with a new fancy-schmancy robot machine) of radiation treatments ended up with my PSA numbers creeping up (they're still quite low right now, but they've notably increased every time I've had the test done), the radiation oncologist said I was pretty much done with that option, and passed me over to the medical oncologist. I've had two docs who "live to cut" and teach surgery over at Northwestern say that I'd be looking at that as only a last option, so I guess I'm down to Chemo or Cryo ... and they're going with Chemo first. Bleh.

It would have been nice if the new oncologist had mentioned "chemotherapy" at some point, rather than "oh, I think I need to get you on a couple of additional pills", because getting the one in that bag was a bit of a psychological shock!

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