BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, this happened ...

Yeah, I know ... it's amazing it hadn't happened way before now, but last week I was treated to a 24-hour ban over on FB. Considering the vitriol I post in my Facebook stream, this was for an exceedingly minor (by my view) infraction ... calling COVID-19 the "chinky pox" (which I'd seen somewhere else online, and thought was hilarious). However, the thin-skinned purity police over there dubbed this (if you can believe it) "hate speech" and dinged me for 24 hours. I mean, really, I could show them REAL "hate speech" if they let us take the gloves off.

I sure do miss the old days around these parts when I could post stuff reflecting "how I really felt" without visits from the gendarmes (real or virtual)!

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