BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

LT Tag Cloud ...

I always find this amusing. I'm real bad at "tagging", having one of those "everything is miscellaneous" type of brains, so all my tags over on (for my 2,500-ish title collection there) are dull things like the date I finished reading each book, and where the book resided in a bookcase-shelf-position scheme. However, the site takes the bazillion books that are logged in and does some fun number-crunching, so I can get a "tag cloud" of what pretty much everybody else has tagged my books (or their copies of the same book) with. Every year or two I do screen grabs of the 1,000 title view, and stitch them together into a graphic like this. In any case, this is sort of what I've been reading the past few decades:

Tags: photos

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