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New data ...

It's interesting how these things change as Ancestry gets more data or better algorithms ... I think this is the first time they've had the various areas of the British Isles separated. Some of the numbers make pretty good sense, I had one great-grandmother who was "fresh off the boat" from Germany, and one pair of great-grandparents who relocated here from Wales. Given the assorted invasions of Britain over the centuries (a nice brief overview is here), from the Celts to the Romans, to the Algles, Saxons, and Jutes, to the Vikings, and to the Normans, it's almost surprising there's not more things in the mix!

My ancestors also came over in a nice tidy little area, with some of them getting here as early as 1620. The region, covering the US/Canada border, led to the uncomfortable fact that I had family on both sides of the Revolutionary War, with one of them serving the crown so well that George III deeded him land which presently would be most of downtown Toronto (oooh, wish that paperwork was sitting in a safe deposit box somewhere!).

Anyway, here's the current take of where I come from:

Yeah, one is tempted to bring up the assertion that "Wogs begin at Calais" ... heh!

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