BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A boomer tale ...

This actually happened tonight.

My younger daughter, who is back living with us, has a beta fish called "Bubba". In recent weeks, Bubba has not been feeling too well, and Daughter No.2 read up on what might be the problem and has done a few things to hopefully mitigate the situation.

Tonight she showed up with some packets of stuff to go into the water, but the problem she was having was that each packet was supposed to go into 10 gallons of water, and Bubba's environment only holds 1 gallon.

She came into my room, explaining her conundrum as to how to only get 1/10th of the packet sorted out. I started into a bit of a round-about story about a bar in my old neighborhood (about 1980) which had mirror-topped tables, all to better make lines of cocaine, and suggested that if she poured it out on a glass plate and went to work on it with a credit card, she could fairly easily have 10 individual lines of the stuff.

Now, I am well known among friends and family as somebody who should have been dead by age 30, and it's no shocker that I would figure this particular way to divide up a powder, but what's hilarious is that she responded "oh, that's what Mom said I should do earlier"!

While neither of us were ever into coke (too damned expensive!), it was ironic that we both went right back to the 80's for a solution to organize a powder.

And you were expecting a chart of where fraudulent ballots got pumped into the system?

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