BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Some serious wierdness ...

A week or so back, I sat down for one of David Wilcock's amazing streaming presentations. If the name sounds familiar, he was one of the main "experts" in the Ancient Aliens show, and this guy can talk ... I've gone into watching one of his presentations that was estimated to be a two-hour session, and they've gone over five!

Anyway, one of his subjects has been shifting timelines as the Alliance and the Deep State try to out-play each other. While I'd been familiar withe concept, I'd recently been sort of dismissive of it, until notable "Mandela effects" started to happen to me.

One of these just blew me away, as the guy that David's been doing a lot of presentations with the past several months was with him on this show, but I clearly recalled him being terminal with some thing that they'd tried everything to heal, and in this series of of three workshops they did just a couple of months back was kind of a "finale" for him, and I'd heard he died soon afterwards.

This is the series of tweet responses I sent him after the show:

As I noted in that, I'd had a couple of weeks with really jarring things-aren't-as-they-were moments, from the garage that was working on my wife's car being a block further up the street from where I recalled it being (with key data elements in my recall pointing to the other location), to my install of on my new computer not having "Black and Alpha" in its adjustments menu, but was available as a plug-in (and I'd never done any plug-ins on that previously). Weird shit.

I've sort of been feeling like this guy:

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