BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Damn ...

Ever had one of those days when things just seem to be fucking up because they CAN? I think I've had a whole string of them. Nothing gets where it needs to be, nothing works out like it should, every god-damned thing that's said or written gets misunderstood, and I didn't win the fucking $80 million in the Big Game lottery. Can I just go and KILL EVERBODY now??? Please???

Anyway ... wrote this before the stomach flu hit ... haven't been able to concentrate much since then ... as usual, the older stuff is waiting off at for your "reading enjoyment" (if you're a sick enough pup to enjoy this) ...

                    FAILURE, DESCENT, AND PAIN

                    and around us
                    forms a haze
                    a sickening pall
                    of anguish and despair
                    it saps our strength
                    and bleeds our will
                    leaving us poisoned,
                    empty, broken, vile

                    all the agonies
                    of our past
                    which drove us down
                    and splintered our spirit
                    were not like this,
                    they did not consume
                    the entire world
                    leaving nothing else

                    but this darkness,
                    this smothering grey,
                    swallows everything;
                    no aspect of existence
                    is not marked by its scent,
                    no sense, no action,
                    no perception
                    avoids its putrid taint

                    these are days
                    of steep decline
                    where what once was
                    becomes what was lost
                    and how we strove
                    turns how we failed
                    and what we knew
                    slips into missed

                    only the faintest
                    shadows of hope remain
                    the maddest schemes
                    dark harbored dreams
                    for reality has swept away
                    all reasonable bounds
                    leaving us in evil
                    a world hostile and insane

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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