BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A fascinating read ... sheds real light on the Jacobin left ...

I stumbled over this (rather long) article recently, and was struck by how pertinent it was to our current political divide. In Why Robespierre Chose Terror The Terror of the Jacobins is analyzed in detail, following the theme of how Robespierre rose to the position where the mass murder of people who "he suspected ... might disagree with his passionately held views" became not only possible, but central to policy.
The horrifying thing here is how little difference there is from the Jacobin stance and that of the modern Left, where sitting Congressmen, and officials of the Democratic Party, are putting out communications as to how their "enemies" (i.e. Trump supporters) need to be tracked down and punished, either by incarceration (for "reeducation") or execution. Folks over on the "Patriot" side of the fence keep saying that it's 1776 all over again, but I fear (quite literally) that the leftist democrats are edging towards fulfilling their dreams of 1793 Paris any time now!

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