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And now for something completely different ...

Well ... I went down to the Chubb Institute today (no, it's NOT a fat-farm) to talk about their training program. It looks pretty likely that as of March 4 (assuming I can find the $16k tuition) I'm going to going back to school full-time for 8 months taking their program in Web Development & Business Programming ... and should be in their "first graduating class" from their new downtown Chicago location. They have several advantages over other programs I've looked at, and should be able to place me in a decent job after completing the program in November.

I'm not super-happy about this, but things have gotten SO fucking hopeless in the search for finding me a "suit" job (scroll back through my posts for various rants on why my on-the-surface kick-ass resume gets "round filed" at every damn place I apply for P.R., meeting planning, or publishing gigs!) that this seems to be the only realistic option at this point. One REAL good thing about the program is that it's done by 1pm each day, so I still have afternoons and evenings to try to right the Eschaton ship, work on building my Unicity biz, and pick up the kids from Kindergarten and day care while The Wife is getting herself settled into her new job. If everything goes right (heck, I still have to pass their "aptitude test" on Monday), I should be out of the program and into a job by the end of the year.

It's not GREAT news, but it's nice to have something identified that at least looks promising that's not the Lotto.

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