BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Is this the end?

God help me ... I may have to switch over to MSIE.

Last night I had one of those big bad web crashes, where all the jackass code on pages freezes up Netscape and the Netscape freezes up Windows and eventually you have to unplug the damn computer because even the power button isn't working. Today, I can't get Netscape to work ... it will load one, maybe two pages then will freeze DEAD in the midst of just grabbing a graphic ... typically it will load (for example) the first page of my Friends list, but will freeze up on the second before displaying anything, needing a ctr-alt-del to get out of it. I figured that something got corrupted in Navigator, so tried downloading Communicator 4.79 ... I first installed that "over" 4.0 and was getting the same results, then re-named the old Netscape directory and re-installed 4.79 in a fresh "ProgramFiles/NETSCAPE" directour, and damned it that STILL was freezing up every page or so. Anybody have any CLUE how to fix this? I really really really hate the thought of going to MSIE or to Netscape 6 ... but suddenly Netscape 4.?? is not working for me at all!

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