BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I don't want to jinx it, but ...

It looks like whatever was wrong with Netscape might have gotten fixed ... by MSIE of all things! I finally "gave up" and fired up MSIE to surf, in the process of importing my Netscape bookmarks MSIE froze up JUST LIKE how Netscape had been ... I think "oh, NO! something in Windows is fucked!" Well, that might have been the case ... but I guess MSIE freezing up like that may have prodded Windows to "fix" whatever was corrupted, since both MSIE and Netscape have NOT frozen up ever since that one freeze-up in MSIE. Keep your fingers crossed on this! What I'm "hoping" had happened was that some .dll file or something had got corrupted in that crash the other night, and Windows didn't notice it when it was only effecting Netscape, but when MSIE hit the same pothole, it got busy and fixed it (hey, sounds like Streets & Sanitation in Chicago ... it's not how big the pothole is, it's whose car hits it!).

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