BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ... off for the rest of the 24-hour Solstice Party at the MCA ... we were going to go last night, but Daughter #1 didn't want to go back out and by then Daughter #2 was asleep and I still had to get some shopping done (heck, I still do) for The Wife's birthday tomorrow!

Got to see an old college friend and her kids yesterday ... I'd missed Reunion (see below) so that was fun ... took Daughter #2 in her stroller to meet them at the Field Museum, and then took them over to the Shedd Aquarium. Saw parts of the Field that I hadn't seen in ages ... it's funny how one part is all 1920's and then you turn a corner and the next part is brand new.

Had dinner on Thursday night with The Wife (sort of a start on her birthday celebrations), my mom, and a couple of friends from the Tribune ... tried a new-ish place called Grace over by Haymarket Square. I agree with all the young European tourists who think there ought to be some museum of workers rights or something over at Haymarket ... but there really isn't anything there ... used to be a statue, maybe there's a plaque somewhere.
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