BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"more horrors" UPDATE

I really really want to thank those of you who have been sending good thoughts, white light, spells, incantations, whatever, in my direction. This evening when I got back with Daughter #2 from a visit with my Mom, The Wife started into one of those "uh-oh" conversations ... but with a WHOLE NEW PHRASE for her: "If we can stay down here ..."

This is the FIRST time that she has even admitted that was an option! It opened up an opportunity for me to pitch the case that moving from here would very likely not save us any money, and would HUGELY complicate our lives. This change is so radical that it HAS to be thanks to the attentions of those of you who have mentioned making some efforts along those lines!

While this certainly doesn't FIX everything that's wrong around here {hey, how 'bout some white light for a big Lotto win ova here?} getting to the point where we can at least LOOK at that option realistically is a big step forward for us, and were we to decide to make a go of staying put, it would take a HUGE stressor out of the mix, as far as I'm concerned.

Again ... thanks for the whammy!

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