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oh, yeah, more poem stuff ...

Oh, boy ... lucky you ... not only is there a fresh new poem here for your immediate enjoyment, but now all of 1996 is available up at the Big Poetry Site ... that's 250 more poems, if you're keeping score. I also "tidied up" all the bits for January 2002, so the alphabetical and chronological lists are there along with the calendar menu.

I'm feeling a bit shell-shocked today, plus I'm coming down with the cold that #2 has had dripping out of her nose, plus we're going to Florida to visit with my Father-in-law tomrrow, so I am beyond thinking. Bleh. It's all in the poems anyway ... read the poems ...


                    at the precipice
                    of the abyss
                    at the border
                    of unending night
                    we stand defeated,
                    broken and unwhole;
                    is there anything left
                    to yet repel the void?
                    is there any reason
                    to reject death once more?
                    we are wrapped up
                    in chains of anguish,
                    we are bound by bands
                    of tension's grinding stress;
                    there is no freedom of motion,
                    there is no room to grow,
                    we are frozen in a glacier
                    of evil fate
                    unable to break free
                    no matter how we fight
                    all these systems
                    taint and twist;
                    we are sickened by the flow
                    of cruelties unleashed,
                    of warped intents
                    ceding nothing here but pain,
                    and the insane tumble
                    of blinded masses
                    lining up to crush
                    whatever one might see
                    we drag across the desert,
                    sere beneath the sun,
                    chasing visions,
                    following myths of light,
                    a shimmering image
                    of a place of higher being;
                    be it prophecy
                    or sad mirage
                    this calls to us
                    deeper than the heat

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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