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deeper into this nightmare ...

What's this? Brendan's posting in his LiveJournal? Isn't he supposed to be in Florida right now? Bleh. As if. That would require something NOT getting fucked up. Since EVERY GOD DAMNED THING in my world gets fucked up royally, it isn't much of a surprise that we had to cancel going to Florida!

Ya know ... one of the hardest things I have to deal with in Network Marketing is "setting goals" and "making plans". SURE ... I can see how doing these things might help SOMEBODY ELSE, but I have NEVER had a goal or a plan that was not fucking EVISCERATED by shit coming in from "left field" that would have been IMPOSSIBLE to plan for (unless one had plans that were so detailed that they included shit like contingencies for, I don't know, hell, like if Birmhingham, AL was hit by a big meteor, making it impossible to change planes there)! I am AMAZED when somebody is able to set a goal, make a plan, and then blissfully run through that plan to successful completion ... this has NEVER HAPPENED for me. ANYTHING that I set out to do gets SABOTAGED by outside forces that I had no way of anticipating in the plan. No wonder I hate the fucking world.

There's a point in the movie Caligula where Malcom McDowell has a line "If all of Rome had but ONE NECK!" (i.e., that if by one swing of the sword all of Rome would fall) ... that is the level of frustration that I have with the world these days ... WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT TAKE TO NOT LOSE?????

Anyway ... the poem below was obviously written pretty much in this vein. If you want to find MORE lovely ditties along these lines, you know where to find them ... they're off at ... my big archive site!

                    CROOKED GAMES

                    sometimes the edge
                    leads to the abyss,
                    sometimes the edge
                    leads into the void;
                    we have never seen
                    a single instance where
                    the step from the edge
                    leads into the light

                    why is our history
                    so burdened by loss,
                    so themed by failure
                    and dreams unmet?
                    can it be that fate
                    is a huge roulette wheel
                    with billions of numbers
                    to counter our bet?

                    one would think
                    that if the world
                    were not malevolent,
                    if it were a neutral place,
                    sometime in all our striving
                    we would win, instead of lose
                    like betting on a single green
                    on a trillion number wheel

                    all our efforts
                    dissolve here
                    as though made in sleep
                    without contact with the world;
                    we fight for years
                    to achieve mere mundane goals
                    but are granted nothing
                    to show for all our strife

                    how can we not conclude
                    this world is evil,
                    this world is hostile
                    and engineered for our demise?
                    how can we not assume
                    that we are fated to only lose
                    and all our labors
                    have always been in vain?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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