BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Circling downward, like a turd in the toilet ...

I guess I didn't mention this ... but the deal on the place less than a mile away over in Andersonville fell through. The seller didn't want to wait till October and ended up going with a buyer who didn't have conditions (like waiting until the sale goes through of this place) on the deal. Which sucks.

This happened about a week ago, but I don't handle that sort of thing well, and was being a bit scrambled by the change in plans. The Wife and the real estate gal (and Daughter No.2, when she's been available) have been running around town and looking at other options.

This evening they got back and were all excited about having found a place. Unfortunately, it's a good deal further away, up in the West Ridge area, about 3 miles from here (a few blocks north of the "Little India" strip on Devon). I'll get to see it tomorrow, not that my opinion is of any weight in this.

I'm bummed that it means learning a whole new neighborhood (the nearest Starbucks looks to be the better part of a mile away), and the transit options are not ideal (we would have to do a bus to get to the L, in one direction for the Red Line, and another for the Brown Line). I was also sad to see that my long-time fave Indian buffet place (see pic below) had gone out of business during the lockdown.

One positive is that we're going to be only a block or so away from a library, so I might be able to go write there, even with their funky hours. I certainly have a big backlog of stuff that I've read and not reviewed.

To say that I miss my old place even more now is not particularly useful. I wonder if there's a streaming cam for views of Lake Michigan ... I could set up an old system just to feed that into a monitor, like it was a window looking out at the lake.


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