BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) I wish I could come up with more stuff to post in here ... I just can't bring myself to do the "back from the kitchen ... Coffeee ... yumm" sort of posting, but nothing "of interest" seems to be happening that folks would give a flying fuck about if I posted!

Really ... does anybody want to hear about the angst over the distributor's screwing over Eschaton to the point where we're nearly out of business? I doubt it ... maybe once I get the new thing set up (it looks like for the short-term we're moving to a print-on-demand printer so we don't have to tie up funds we don't have in re-printing stuff) I can make noise about new projects, but right now it's just doom, gloom, and teeth gnashing!

I really WISH that people cared about my posts on RSI, since I think the new program is "the greatest thing since sliced bread" ... but when I've gushed over it before it's been met with deafening silence. Hmph ... nobody wants to be healthy or make money doing it, I guess!

Anyhoo ... the past several days have been a whirlwind of stuff surrounding The Wife's bithday ... having been out of town the week previously really screwed up my schedule, so I was scrambling to get stuff bought/wrapped/set up ... I don't think she was particularly thrilled with anything present-wise, but she isn't sulking, which is at least a good thing. I think she knows how much I had to bust my ass to bring off anything resembling a birthday celebration, so is at least crediting me for that, even though her "big present" was a shit load of Rubbermaid storage stuff (hey, I asked her a DOZEN times what she might want ... the only thing I heard, in other contexts, was how crappy the storage stuff we had was ... it aint romantic, but it solves that problem!).

Bleh ... going to get myself depressed.
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