BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Did I hear somebody ask for MORE???

Yeah, I've been a "writin' fool" these past few days ... actually I have another that I wrote this afternoon that's not even typed up yet ... but here's one from yesterday ... I guess the more I get away from my desk, the more I write ... so maybe when I'm in school the next 8 months, I'll have some "sippin' coffee, scribblin' morbidity" time! Got a hankering for older stuff too? A visit to the archive at should scratch that itch!

                    PASSED INTO VAGUER STATES

                    only in delusion
                    only in escape
                    we can not believe
                    what status seems
                    we can not accept
                    the functions hope
                    in sure descent

                    some systems linger
                    from ancient agos
                    we see them arising
                    out of the grey
                    detailing the structure
                    if not the intent
                    which fades out, forgotten
                    back into the mists

                    what opens tomorrow
                    in alien times?
                    we can not predict
                    without caveats
                    built from a history
                    of failure and pain
                    and fear against hoping
                    to not shatter again

                    what motive action
                    within the morass?
                    is it robot compliance
                    running through old commands,
                    or autonomic twitching
                    reactive to states
                    divorced from all reason
                    all willful intent?

                    too many factors
                    applied in the mix
                    too many dimensions
                    to functionally grid
                    we are lost in the flow
                    swept along with the tide
                    unable to steer
                    or know when arrived

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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