BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Man, have I been useless with this thing or what?

So damned much stuff going on, but nothing really that anybody would care about! I guess I could write "Went to the dentist with my mom ... they gave me a mouth rinse to help with the gums." but who would give the proverbial flying fuck?

I get so frustrated these days ... I'm spending a lot of time trying to jump-start my RSI biz, with the new comp plan coming on-line this weekend, but it feels like I'm "running in dreams", a lot of doing with no moving. Of course, that feeds into my whole aversion to dealing with other people ... it has always seemed to me that ANY time you have to involve other people in a project, you're fucked. Especially since a lot of the folks that I'm dealing with at the moment are "web people" which means all contact is at an additional remove, making it hard to tell when they are blowing me off or just not responding (it just kills me to send out e-mails following up on stuff and hear nothing back ... one of my "pet peeves"). Been focusing on a lot of people who had looked at the program before and decided not to go with it ... the new plan has so many advantages over the old one (especially in terms of having the most minimal level of financial commitment that I have ever seen in any business) that I'm amazed when people don't see it. Hell ... it only cost $50.00 to get set-up (including the personalized web site!) and the ONLY requirement is having $150.00 minimum monthly volume ... even if one was going to be selling the products (instead of consuming them like we do), that's like moving around 5-10 units out of a 120-product line each month! What other sort of business could one get into that had that little effort required??? Especially with the "upside" potential ... get 3 people doing the same $150/mo and flesh out 8 levels down (3x3x3x... etc.), and you're looking at commissions of $111,000.00 per month! This makes me nuts ... WHY can't people see it?!

(Sigh) ... There are days when I think I was right trying to get myself into a place where I would never ever have to be in contact with other human beings ... too bad the book biz tanked the way it has (not that Eschaton is gone, it's just not likely to be providing me any income in the forseeable future), as that would have been the perfect deal ... find authors on-line, publish their books, run the web site, never talk to anybody ever!

Still doing this "WorkTransitions" thing too ... nothing like taking 3 months of counselling to decide "what I want to be when I grow up"! Hell ... I know what I want to be ... I want to be fucking Howard Hughes ... more money than God and totally isolated from the rest of humanity! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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