BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

and now for something completey different ...

It's amazing what the scumbags in the Congress will do to protect their grip on the political process ... I got this link from eagle243 ... ... which has this rather telling quote in it:

"There is too much money in politics!" is one frequent question-begging assertion. Too much compared to what? Procter & Gamble has spent as much money advertising soap and other products as all the candidates for Congress in both parties put together spent the same year. More money was spent advertising re-runs of "Seinfeld" than was spent by both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in 1996.

This whole "campaign finance reform" isn't about REFORM, it's about STIFLING THE ABILITY OF OUTSIDE VOICES TO BE HEARD. It's about my not being able to make up a Cafe Press store to support a Libertarian running for the Senate ... it's about my not being able to produce flyers (without filing MAJOR paperwork) for my run for the local school board ... the bastards will tell you it's "about Enron not buying votes" but it's NOT ... the "Big Boys" will always be able to funnel big bucks to candidates (hell, look at the shell game Rep. Blagojevich is doing in his run for governor!), but they are trying to make it IMPOSSIBLE for independent voices to be heard.

Damn them all ... damn them all to fucking hell!

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