BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(Sigh) ... another all-nighter in progress ... had to re-boot Windows so am taking a bit of a break ... somehow this WorkTransitions stuff always takes 2-3 times as long as I think it will when scheduling it ... fortunately my appointment isn't until 3:30 this afternoon , so I still have at least 8 hours to work on this (I'm figuring it's going to take me another 5 total, so I might get a nap and some phone calls in too).

This IS an interesting process ... finely slicing & dicing my attitudes towards work and my capabilities to see what directions I should be moving. I must admit that parts of this make me look like a colossal ass-hole ... I'm carrying around so damn much emotional baggage from the past 40 years in terms of dealing with other people ... when it came to putting in "work dreams" (i.e. "pie in the sky" stuff not dependent on any practical concerns) I came up with (among others) "Howard Hughes" in the sense of having virtually unlimited funds and near total isolation from human contact! Heh ... nice work if you can get it (hmmm... searching for position which will pay me billions of dollars and then leave me alone...)
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