BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Had a more "4th of July" day than I had thought possible. We got out of the house late, so missed most of the activities up at the Chicago Historical Society, but did get to hear an interesting reading by guys playing Franklin and Jefferson, a decent speech by our congresscreature, some revolutionary soldiers firing guns when we weren't expecting them, and one Sousa march.

We decided that it was a good day for a picnic, so went in search of suitable food ... Daughter #1 got a McD's Happy Meal, we got some deli sandwiches, and we picked up some "outdoor toys". Amazingly, we actually got a kite up in the air, played with a kick ball, and threw a frisbee around. This is a family with five computers playing outdoors! Amazing.

Of course, I can't STAND to be outdoors ... and did my usual post-sun-exposure routine ... collapsed in bed for 3 hours! Inevitably, whenever I get more that "incidental" sun (moving from a vehicle to a building or building to building) I get a nasty headache and become quite nauseated ... my theory is that my body is used to producing normal levels of Vitamin D from the radiation given off by my computer's monitor, and that actual SUNLIGHT ends up producing toxic levels of this in my system, since most of the symptoms are similar to taking too many vitamins (back in my drinking days I used to mega-dose on B's and my sun reaction is very similar to when I over-did that), and they go away with a few hours of sleep. Ah, strange vampiric body!

By the way ... I finally got one of those ubiquitous CafePress storefronts set up for Eschaton ... lots of groovy morbid swag ... check it out!
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