BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Man ... what a sucky day. I guess I am "Mr. Side-effect" on this effexor stuff. I've been told now that the side effects will fade off after a while. Which is good, since I would be TOTALLY non-functional on this stuff if was constantly like today. ACK! It took SIX HOURS for me to feel marginally OK ... and I had to crawl off to bed twice in there. I suggested to the shrink that maybe I should take this before going to bed so all the freaky shit would hit while I was asleep. I guess we'll try that tomorrow.

Anyway, got another poem done yesterday ... this seemed like a real good one while I was writing it, but I guess the imagry never quite made it from my head to the page as well as I thought it did at the time. Oh well. More, of course, off at the archive at ...

                    CUSPS OF CHANGE

                    too damned much gravity
                    all our structures collapse
                    sweeping down in chaos
                    for which we're unprepared;
                    we step through worlds
                    so like our own
                    but we are alien,
                    exile, anathema here

                    uncharted chasms open
                    discrediting the map,
                    we must now steer
                    by unfamiliar stars,
                    knowing no landmarks,
                    stripped of frame;
                    we're exposed to harsh winds
                    and the killing day

                    we follow far voices,
                    cognizant of threats
                    hidden in the words,
                    we answer to their compass
                    in treks through emptiness
                    seeking only stasis,
                    some baseline to this state
                    on which we could then build

                    we are so damaged, though,
                    that every act drips fear
                    that more abuses wait
                    at every opted turn;
                    we can not believe
                    that anything of that world
                    will function to our bettering,
                    so much are we destroyed

                    this is the very cusp of change,
                    the edge of the abyss,
                    we stare into its depths
                    swirling with vertigo,
                    drunk with terrors undefined;
                    nothing here is safe,
                    nothing here is sure,
                    as we plummet into dark

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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