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more of same ...

Well, I took the effexor just before going to bed last night and had no problems with it while I was sleeping. I did wake up with a bit of the same muscle tension stuff as before, but it was mild. I have, however, been VERY drowsy today, and a bit spacey. Hopefully those effects will ratchet down as well. As long as I can take this stuff at night, I can probably deal with the side effects.

Anyway ... got 20 poems done for last month (yay, me!) which brings me up to where I wanted to be in terms of targeting a yearly total. We still need to see what sort of effects this drug and going back to school will have on my writing ... if I find myself writing 20 poems a month I might push back to the 250/year target, although that will involve some "catching up" ... for the time being I'll keep the "quota" 17/month for a 200/year total.

By the way ... I think I'll be putting these behind a cut tag from now on. I just hope that folks will click on the damn link when it shows up!

                    A TOTAL DIMMING OF THE LIGHT

                    subsistence structures
                    scrambled systems
                    nothing central
                    nothing whole
                    all falling is away
                    all collapsing into down
                    suddenly empty
                    abruptly unwell

                    no tracking comes
                    of pathways here,
                    every form blurs
                    as lines entwine,
                    confusing sight,
                    disturbing stasis
                    and adding noise

                    descending vectors
                    attaining mass
                    creating sway
                    towards lower states,
                    we are dragged along,
                    body and spirit,
                    finding decay
                    and unexpected taints

                    shadows accumulate
                    spilling from corners
                    and hidden zones,
                    intimating darknesses
                    yet to rise to being;
                    this frames anticipation
                    on way too many planes
                    of a total dimming of the light

                    in decline we fail
                    in submission now
                    to the gravities
                    of these alien stars,
                    doomed to orbits
                    defined by pain,
                    cycles of dire degradation
                    darker than the abyss

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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