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OK ... so I'm going to be trying something new here ... there IS A NEW POEM, but it's lurking behind that LJ-cut thing down there on the other side of my little sig graphic. So, click on it, already. I also got all of November 1995 done tonight, but haven't had a chance to upload that to the archive ... ... but that should be up in the next day or so.

By the way, I was listening tonight to Art Bell (thanks ana!) from Friday night when he had Richard Hoagland on with all this new stuff coming out of NASA which was confirming a lot of his theories ... cool stuff, check it out!

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                    CRIPPLED AND DISJOINTED

                    in such absence
                    we grow so vague
                    no coordinates
                    no anchor point
                    no aim or goal
                    cast adrift
                    in grey uncertainty
                    a world without frame

                    we fail in all intents
                    faltering in action
                    unable to achieve
                    the things we'd do
                    sinking lower
                    devoid of hope
                    finding no focus
                    no way to grasp

                    all these days
                    bleed away
                    they seep from wounded being
                    from the battle scars of life
                    the damage of existence
                    which has delivered us to pain
                    crippled and disjointed
                    rendered less than whole

                    darknesses consume
                    we can not defend
                    against this onslaught
                    new madnesses arise
                    condensed from illness
                    coalescing into forms
                    which are unknown
                    for which we're unprepared

                    still these changes
                    drive the time
                    swirling chaos
                    into patterns of the web
                    nets ensnaring
                    each and every act
                    into the tumult
                    the juggernaut of fate

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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