BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Too short a weekend ...

Damn ... that just FLEW by ... I had about five times as many projects planned than I got through. Now I'm back to the grind for the next week. I'm at least all caught up on my homework ... except for the one page of exercises from Mainframe Assembler Programming and I think I'll get those done tomorrow morning before class. I was hoping to have been to a point where I could upload the "new site" stuff for the 2U site ... after the meeting last Tuesday I got started on the update, but it's still not quite there, although I was taking some flak about it today at church. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can buzz through what I need to get done and upload it before I start ragging on the folks who are supposed to be getting me the info I need to update.

Anyhoo ... another poem is below ... I am getting the feeling that nobody is bothering to click on those links to take a look (pout) ... but maybe I'm just being paranoid! So, click on it already ... and go to for more!

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                    SET INTO NO PLACE AT ONCE

                    unsettled pressures
                    chaotic forms
                    there are no guides
                    framing this
                    there is no system
                    giving shape
                    all is uneven
                    and unaligned

                    days pass vaguely
                    recalled as though dreams
                    but not "dreamlike"
                    or "dreamy"
                    bearing more marks
                    of nightmare times
                    or hallucination hazes
                    roiling up within

                    this frustration
                    becomes a solid thing
                    we can not synch
                    with the doctrines
                    of mundane planes
                    we can not mesh
                    with the robot gears
                    of a soulless world

                    how to function
                    in backwaters so slow?
                    we have no vector
                    that presses through,
                    we have no line
                    to follow in this dark
                    which would lead beyond
                    these doldrums

                    too many items
                    need arrive
                    in far too tightly
                    delimited times;
                    we lose our grip
                    and slide away
                    into decaying
                    and pointless strife

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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