BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

so tired ...

I hope that there aren't too many typos in any of this ... I've drifted off to sleep a half dozen times while getting this typed up and coded and up here, etc. Tomorrow morning is our first big test in the computer thing ... I think I'm good for it, but, again, SO tired ... need to crawl off to bed. Click the poem, OK?

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                    SYMPHONIES OF DREAD

                    bitter placement
                    at the edge of chaos
                    at the verge of loss
                    deeper than any wound before
                    we teeter here
                    with unsure footing
                    no equilibrium
                    and no rail

                    know this vista
                    is insane
                    it roils and bubbles
                    folds and blooms
                    all within darkness
                    and foreboding,
                    with scents of the dungeon
                    and the tomb

                    pain surrounds us
                    like music played
                    for cruel context;
                    the themes of ache
                    shift and flow,
                    forming tapestries of anguish,
                    vast buffets of dire malaise
                    and symphonies of dread

                    so sick, so twisted,
                    we mirror the world,
                    all its perversions
                    imprinting here
                    and wresting us apart
                    from our real being,
                    making us a part
                    of that mad game

                    how I want to be away
                    or be the way
                    that it's destroyed,
                    the mundane nightmare
                    leaves us no path
                    by which to gain escape
                    and so has doomed us
                    to be the rebel here

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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